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DerivativesTrading & Analysis

Derivatives are financial instruments in the form of contracts, which allow the trader to trade on price changes of an underlying financial instrument (such as indices, stocks, commodities, currency) without holding them physically. Today derivatives trading is considered as their core business by many investors. Derivatives trading is fast gaining popularity due to its potential to make quick money for the investor. The trader has to carry out the due diligence and trade with in-depth knowledge and factors such as risk assessment and profitability.

Course Duration
  • 15 Sessions (60 Minutes Each)
  • Batch Mode: Online/Offline
Course Content
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Types of Derivatives
  • Futures & Options Trading
  • Options CE/PE & Strike Selection
  • Options Greeks & its Use for Trading
  • PCR & MaxPain Theory
  • Options Chain Analysis
  • Rollover Data Analysis
  • Implied Volatility & IV Rank
  • TA vs Options Data Analysis
  • Options Strategies
  • Hedging Portfolio with Derivatives
Upon Completion of This Course,You Will Master Following Skills :
  • Functioning of Derivatives Market
  • Pros & Cons Of Derivatives Market
  • How to trade Futures & Options
  • Choose/build strategies as per market Trend
  • Strategy adjustment with proper Entry and Exit
  • Hedging techniques to limit losses
  • Understanding derivatives data and statistics